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Latest Reports

Communicating with patients about delayed appointments – July 2021


During the pandemic, hospital appointments were inevitably delayed. On the whole Surrey residents were very stoic about this, understanding that the NHS was under unprecedented pressure and accepted service cancellations; indeed, some people chose to cancel appointments themselves.

However, as time went on and lockdown eased last summer some people started to feel frustration and questioned when they would get seen. They had been told their treatment was delayed or cancelled but had not been given any information about what would happen next.

Would their treatment be rescheduled? What would happen next?

This report summarises the responses from the hospitals to our recommendations based on NHS guidelines.

Involvement of people

Influence and Impact Report – Quarter 1 (April – June 2021)


Our quarter 1 Activity Report highlights our activities and outcomes in April – June 2021.

Performance reports

Insight Bulletin – June 2021


One of the statutory duties of Healthwatch is to obtain the views of local people regarding their needs for, and experiences of, local care services and importantly to make these views known.

This briefing summarises key themes we’ve heard throughout June 2021.

Insight bulletins

Healthwatch Surrey Annual Report 2020-21


We are delighted to share Healthwatch Surrey’s Annual Report 2020/21.

Performance reports