Project reports

GP Online: Even better if... People's experiences of GP online services

Between 30th September and 6th October 2017, Healthwatch Surrey visited eight local GP practices as part of the ‘Get Online’ week organised by Surrey County Council, in partnership with the Good Things Foundation.

By talking to people in the surgeries we visited, and by sending out a short survey online, we heard about how people are benefiting from GP online services already, but also heard about some of the things that could be improved to make online access easier.

GP Online: Understanding and increasing the use of online GP services in Surrey

Please view this summary report to see what local people thought of the Online GP service.

To view the full report, please view 'GP Online: Even better if... People's experiences of GP online services'.

Epsom & St Helier 2020-2030

In June 2017, Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust began a new conversation to get patients’ feedback about their long term plans for a purpose-built specialist unit at one of their hospital sites, which will change the way certain services are provided.

Healthwatch Surrey carried out a series of engagement events with local people on behalf of the Trust to make sure that as many people as possible could be told about changes and have their opinions captured and fed back to the Trust.

Take a look at the report to find out more!

Epsom Health and Care response to Healthwatch Surrey report ‘Epsom Health and Care @Home: People’s experience of integrated care’

Take a look at what Thirza Sawtell, Director of Epsom Health and Care responded to our report ‘Epsom Health and Care @Home: People’s experience of integrated care’.

Epsom Health and Care @Home: People's experiences of integrated care

This year one of Healthwatch Surrey's priorities is understanding local people's experience of hospital discharge.

As part of this work, Healthwatch Surrey linked up with the Epsom Health and Care @Home service to conduct a short piece of work looking at people's experiences of the integrated service provided to over 65s at Epsom Hospital.
This is the report, which helped inform the provider's own evaluation of the service.

Safe Haven Impact Report

Following on from the publication of 'Keeping the Light On', Healthwatch Surrey have now published a report that demonstrates the impact we made on Surrey's Safe Havens.

'My GP journey'- Impact Report (September 2017)

Following on from the publication of 'My GP journey', this report demonstrates the impact Healthwatch Surrey has had on local GP services.

Magna Carta Postcard (March 2017)

We spoke to 189 students from the Magna Carta School in Staines during their Health and Wellbeing Week in March 2017 to find out how they deal with anxiety and worry.

Download the postcard to see what the students told us.

More information can be found on our Mental Health under 'Our Priorities'.

Formal Response to the Hospital Discharge Survey

Please find a formal response from Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust regarding our Hospital Discharge Survey.

The Hospital Discharge Survey (June 2017)

During November-December 2016, local Healthwatch covering areas of the Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust collaborated to find out more about people's experiences of being discharged from hospital.

This report has been compiled to summarise the results of this joint project, showing the views of the people we spoke to, and recommendations based on our findings.

If you have an experience of hospital discharge, good or bad, please let us know - the information we receive helps to shape health and social care in Surrey.

My GP Journey (June 2017)

Learning from the experience of seldom heard groups

We regularly hear from local people that booking a GP appointment can be a struggle. But for people with specific needs, for example someone who has a long term condition or disability, or for whom English is a second language, going to see your GP can be even harder.

This new report, "My GP Journey", explores the experiences of 120 people when visiting their GP, from registering and booking an appointment, through to attending the surgery and getting treatment.

My GP Journey Easy Read (June 2017)

Take a look at this easy read version of 'My GP Journey' that learns from the experiences of seldom heard groups when visiting their GP.

'My Way Every Day' - Impact Report (June 2017)

Further to 'My Way, Every Day' Healthwatch Surrey have published an Impact Report containing reactions from commissioners and providers who responded to the report.

Keeping the Light On (March 2017)

Healthwatch Surrey recently visited all seven of Surrey's Safe Havens to listen to people's experiences of mental health services in Surrey.

The people who shared their experiences with us told us how they wanted the report to look and which information was most important to them; this report is the finished product.

We will be seeking a response to the report from the people that lead in the planning and delivery of mental health services in Surrey.

If you have an experience of Safe Havens or any other mental health service, please tell us about it. Your story will help shape the future of health and social care in Surrey.

Keeping the Light On - Plain Text verison

Plain text version of the Keeping the Light On report.

'My Way, Every Day' (January 2017)

Healthwatch Surrey have published a report looking at how care homes in Surrey provide activities for care home residents, which you can download below.

Volunteers visited 25 care homes to speak to residents about what it is like to live in care home, how often their individual wishes and needs are taken into account on a daily basis.

While there was evidence of a rich mix of experiences and activities which were valued by residents, these were not available to everyone. As a result of what we have found, Healthwatch Surrey has identified a number of specific recommendations for Surrey County Council, care home providers, the Care Quality Commission and the organisation responsible for developing national standards for the adult social care sector, Skills for Care.

PALS Project: Improving access to NHS complaints advocacy and Healthwatch (December 2016)

Over the last year, we have been working with Patient Liaison Services in Surrey to help improve access to Independent Health Complaints Advocacy (IHCA) and Healthwatch Surrey.

The attached report summarises the work that was completed as part of the project. This included:

Meetings with PALS staff and managers at the Acute, Mental Health and Community Hospitals and Providers
Observations made during visits to PALS offices
Web excercise on information accessibility
Next Steps

There will be a briefing and workshop held early in the new year with volunteers involved in the project. In this meeting, we will look at the findings so far and discuss what the next steps for Healthwatch Surrey might be able to do to help continue to raise awareness of Healthwatch Surrey and the Independent Complaints Service amongst providers of health and care in Surrey.

PPG Fact Finder (November 2016)

Healthwatch Surrey have been working with Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) across Surrey to find out how PPGs are working in practice and to dig deeper about what makes an effective PPG.

As part of this work, five volunteers attended 12 PPG meetings to gather information from the PPGs regarding;

What works well
Areas that need improvement
Or areas PPGs they specifically need help with e.g. member recruitment/social media.
The report, available to download below, collates the feedback and identifies common themes and best practice.

Whats next?

There will be a briefing and workshop held in December with volunteers involved in the project. In this meeting, we will look at the findings so far and discuss what Healthwatch might be able to produce or deliver to help PPGs communicate and raise awareness with their patient populations. We will also discuss how we can work with PPGs to continue to raise awareness of Healthwatch Surrey across the county.

'Just getting on with it': Accessing primary care in Surrey: Views and experiences of people aged over 65 years

Our latest report out today (23rd March 2016) highlights the challenges a number of over 65s have faced when accessing primary care services like their GP, dentist, pharmacy and out of hours.

As the population of over 65s in Surrey continues to grow, it is vital that services are accessible. We are therefore asking CCGs in the county to use this report to inform their five-year Sustainability and Transformation plans to ensure that the needs of patients, carers and families are at the heart of their decisions about the future of care in Surrey.

If I've told you once: People's views on record sharing between health and social care professionals involved in their care in Surrey" (October 2015)

In the summer of 2015 Healthwatch Surrey carried out a survey across the county investigating people’s view on record sharing between the health and social care professionals involved in their care. The survey was distributed via a variety of channels both in hard copy and online, and excited considerable public and professional interest. 577 surveys were completed. The issue was also explored in four focus groups with people over 65 years of age in locations across Surrey.

The overarching conclusion was that if the parameters of health and care record sharing are kept within the confines of the health and care professions, and there are procedures in place to ensure security, confidentiality and accuracy, there was strong support from survey respondents for sharing all or part of their health and care record with all or some of the health and care professionals involved in their care

If I've told you once: Summary Report (October 2015)

Our Health Matters - The Healthcare Experiences of the BAME community (March 2015)

We are pleased to have worked with Surrey Minority Ethnic Forum (SMEF) to conduct research into the healthcare experiences of Surrey's BME communities.

More than 250 people shared their views and experiences via telephone/face to face interviews and a survey.

Communication was percieved to be the greatest barrier to accessing healthcare services and information.

Help us speak out for BME communities. Download the report below now.

If you require a different format or translation, please contact us at

The first step into the complaints maze (November 2014)

Healthwatch Surrey has released a report about how easy it is to access online information about complaints to NHS services in Surrey. You can download a copy below.

We will use this information, together with the latest report from Healthwatch England 'Suffering in Silence' to start a discussion with the public, service providers and their commissioners to help find the best way forward locally.

Our Health Matters - Views of Young People in Surrey

We have been working with Surrey Youth Focus to find out about what young people across Surrey think about the NHS and their own health concerns.

More than 220 people between the ages of 11 - 25 took part in an online survey and 2 focus groups.

Help us speak out on their behalf. Download a copy of the report below.

Getting an Appointment with your GP: Experiences of the people of Surrey (2014)

Had trouble getting an appointment with your GP in Surrey? You're not alone!

You said: The people of Surrey told us that GP services were a high priority area in their health & well being. This included specific feedback about problems getting an appointment.

We did: We surveyed over 1,000 local people about their experience of booking an appointment with their GP.

A brief summary (and the full report) of the results can be viewed below.

What does this mean? Lack of access to a GP could be detrimental to your health. It is also inefficient as 1 in 4 say we would attend A&E if faced with difficulties booking an appointment.

What you can do: If your practice cannot offer the options recommended in the report, bring this to the attention of your GP. Pursue the issue with - and consider joining - the Patient Participation Group linked linked with the practice?

What can Healthwatch do? We will use our statutory powers and work with local decision makers to improve the situation. We will publish a progress report in October.

Did you know...78% of GP Practices have an online booking facility, but only 36% of patients know about them?*

A call for evidence: We are an evidence-led organisation that harnesses the voice of the public with people in power. If you, a friend, or a relative has an untold story or opinion about local services that we should be representing, please take 5 minutes to tell us your story

*of 65 practices (50%) surveyed and 1,111 patient respondents

Stroke Pathway Project (2013)

The Stroke Pathway Project was undertaken by LINK volunteers and staff in late 2012 and early 2013.

It gathers evidence on the Stroke Pathway for Surrey residents after discharge from acute hospital care.

Download a copy of the report here. Please contact us if you require the report in alternative formats