The Citizen Ambassador programme has been an integral part of Surrey Heartlands’ citizen-led engagement and communications approach since 2017 running successfully for 5 years. However, as the health and care system focuses much of its delivery at the most local level, this programme will no longer be commissioned after April 2023. 

During its 5 years, the Citizen Ambassador programme saw us equip people who have diverse experiences of healthcare with qualitative research skills and enabled them to carry out focussed projects and engagements across Surrey Heartlands. The innovative ground-breaking collaborative nature of the programme was recognised in 2018, when it was awarded the ‘NHS 70’ Healthwatch England award for putting people at the heart of care.

The aim of the programme was to maximise the representation of different citizen voices  by engaging and involving people who did not already consistently engage in service change within the NHS and Social Care. Citizen Ambassadors acted as the independent voice, bringing insight from local people and communities, bringing fresh and independent viewpoints to their workstream.

Projects included:

  • Accessing Healthcare during Covid-19
  • Cancer Prehabilitation
  • Young Adults Consultation
  • Citizen Insight to inform content of Surrey Care Records
  • Cancer personalised care and Support
  • Healthy Living for people with a Learning Disability
  • Early years support for people with English as an additional language
  • Barriers to attending a Memories Café
  • Breast screening

We would like to thank all the Citizen Ambassadors who have worked with us over the last 5 years, for all their hard work and dedication during this time.

Healthwatch Surrey will continue to gather the views of local people on health and social care services in the county. We are an independent organisation listening to experiences from people in Surrey and providing evidence-based feedback to commissioners and providers to influence, inform and, if necessary, challenge decisions and plans.

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Cancer Personalised Care and Support 2022

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