What we're hearing about Dental Services

We are consistently hearing from people across Surrey who are struggling to access NHS dentistry and are finding that the advice on how to access treatment on NHS.uk is incorrect or not up to date.

This report highlights some of the stories we have heard over the past year.

Wound Dressing (November 2021)

People have been telling us about the frequency in which they are needing care which is putting additional pressure on the patient as well as the services they are using. People are also trying to access treatment at settings which are not the most appropriate to their needs.

Healthwatch Surrey’s feedback on the Children’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service.

We were invited to the Children. Families and Lifelong Learning Select Committee in October 2021, to feedback what we’d heard about children and young people’s needs regarding their emotional wellbeing and mental health, the barriers to this, and any feedback on the new emotional wellbeing and mental health service.

What we're hearing about Eye care

People have increasingly been telling us about their experiences of seeking treatment for problems with their eyes and how different health services integrate. This report is designed to highlight the difficulties that people have shared in receiving care for their eye conditions.