This report looks in depth at the Independent Health Complaints Advocacy service and shares our findings to suggest best practice relating to complaints, including recommendations and suggested opportunities for further learning.

Involvement of people

The report makes the following recommendations and raises opportunities for learning:


  • We recognise that most providers do provide information about their complaints procedures on their websites but suggest ways this could be improved
  • We recommend that where Advocacy services are provided, they are more prominent
  • That during the complaints process, providers should communicate directly and on a regular basis with the person making the complaints

Opportunities for learning

  • Are we maximising the opportunity to learn from complaints where care is being provided by teams of providers?
  • Does the NHS Standard Classification of complaints themes give your organisation, or members of the public reading your report, meaningful insight into the issues most relevant to your service?
  • All complaints reports benefit from examples of specific actions taken as the result of individual complaints. To take this one step further, can the actions, outcomes, or the impact of your resolved complaints be reported in a structured/quantified way?

Read our full report for further information.

Maximising the learning from complaints: Learning from Advocacy (pdf) Download File (pdf 487.92 KB)