What are the benefits to identifying as a carer? – Take part in our new project

27th January 2023

Do you look after a friend or family member who couldn’t manage without you?

Would you think of yourself as a carer?


If either apply, we would like to talk to you as part of our Giving Carers a Voice project.


We have found through talking to local people that over 30% of unpaid carers don’t think of themselves as carers.

This means they are missing out on benefits that could help them both emotionally, physically, socially and financially.


We would like to find out:

  • What might stop you identifying as a carer, even if you are looking after someone?
  • What you think might be the benefits of registering as a carer or what are the benefits if you have registered?
  • When did you realise that you were a carer?
  • What services have you used that you would recommend to others?


Our Giving Carers a Voice team is looking to hear from as many carers as possible, including those who wouldn’t use that word to describe themselves.


Please get in touch with us.


Email carers@healthwatchsurrey.co.uk for further information.