The Doctor Will Zoom You Now: getting the most out of the virtual health and care experience

3rd August 2020

The Doctor Will Zoom You Now was a rapid, qualitative research study designed to understand the patient experience of remote and virtual consultations. The project was led in partnership with Traverse, National Voices and Healthwatch England and supported by PPL.

The study engaged 49 people over 10 days (June – July 2020) using an online platform, with 20 additional one to one telephone interviews. Participants were also invited to attend an online workshop on the final day of the study. All participants had experienced a remote consultation during the lockdown period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote consultations took the form of telephone, video or text-based communication. Appointments were for GP, hospital outpatient, follow-up and mental health consultations. Recruitment of participants for the online platform was achieved through the Healthwatch network and one to one interviews through National Voices as an extension to an existing study about improving our understanding of the experience of waiting for care.

The full insight report can be found here.