The image is all on a dark blue background. At the top, within a pink box are the words Do you live in the Thames Ditton/East Molesey area? Underneath, are the words: Have you recently visited your pharmacy or GP practice? Have you been impacted by local changes? Ina nother pink box are the words: Fill out our survey to help us understand more about the needs of local people. To the bottom right of the image is hte Healthwatch Surrey logo with a curve in green above it. Within the image, there is also a pink circle with an icon of a medication bottle, and a green circle with an icon of a stethoscope.

Impact in Thames Ditton and East Molesey of pharmacy closures and GP changes

1st March 2024

As an independent service acting on the voice of local people to help to improve healthcare, we’re aware that the recent closure of Thames Ditton pharmacy and a number of changes at GP practices in the area may have impacted local people. We’ve developed a short online survey to try to capture these views and build an accurate picture of the level and nature of this impact.

The survey is on Smart Survey:

Or you can share your experiences by contacting our Helpdesk.