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Finding out neurodivergent people’s experiences of hospital outpatient services

3rd April 2024

Healthwatch Surrey are working in partnership with local organisations and community groups to gather neurodivergent people’s experiences of hospital care.

Studies show that neurodivergent people have poorer health outcomes than neurotypical people and have been found to be more at risk of early mortality overall, more than double in the case of both physical and mental ill health.

The Surrey Heartlands Equalities and Health Inequalities Board aims to ensure that anyone who uses services receives the opportunity to live healthy lives without disparities due to ethnicity, age, wealth, disability or geographical area.

As part of this work, we have created a survey to ask neurodivergent people (or their parents or carers) for their experiences of local hospitals as an outpatient. The details for the online survey are below, but people can also contact us for a paper copy if they prefer.

We will also be visiting local groups and attending community engagement groups where we can talk to neurodivergent people about their experiences.

The responses we receive will help us:

  • Understand experiences of neurodivergent people when receiving care as an outpatient in Surrey Hospitals.
  • Understand barriers and enablers to patients using acute hospital services.
  • Provide the hospitals with suggestions from those accessing their services about what can be improved.

If you are a neurodivergent person, or a parent/carer of a neurodivergent person, who has recently visited an outpatients service in a Surrey hospital, then we are keen to hear your experiences.

Please complete our survey:

Please contact us if you need a paper copy of the survey – we will be happy to send one out to you.