Help shape our priorities!


Healthwatch Surrey currently has four priorities; priorities are based on themes that come from what people are telling us (through feedback on our website, through our Helpdesk, attendance at our listening events etc). We take feedback and find themes; these help us to focus our project resources on areas where we feel we can have the most impact for local people. We review our priorities on a 3 year cycle to ensure our work is up to date with whats going on in the health and social care system.

Our current priorities:

    1. Early intervention in mental health
    2. Improving the experience of hospital discharge
    3. Amplifying the voice of care home residents
    4. Improving the experience of making a GP appointment

What’s happening now?

Whilst 3 of these priorities are still in their 3 year cycle, there is an opportunity to change ‘Improving the experience of making a GP’. 

Get involved!

If you are passionate about health and social care please complete our survey to tell us whether you think we should continue working on the priority ‘Improving the experience of making a GP appointment’ or work on another area within the health and social care system. All responses will be considered.


Please have your say before the 30th November 2017. If you would like a paper copy or an alternative format, please contact us.

What happens next?

As well as gathering public feedback, our volunteers will review ‘what we’ve heard’ and consider the survey responses. With this information they will make a recommendation to the board to inform our 2018/2019 annual work plan.

If you have any any questions or would like to discuss how we can work together in the future, please contact us.


Consultation on priorities