Surrey all age autism strategy consultation

23rd July 2020

Education, Care and Health services in Surrey are carrying out a public consultation, so that you can tell them the best way to support autistic people of all ages and their families. How can Surrey be a better place for autistic people?

Your feedback will decide what goes into their all age autism strategy. The strategy will help to determine what services they offer to meet the needs of autistic people and change the ways our community welcome and include those with autism.

They have designed their consultation in two stages. First they will use this consultation to ask autistic children and adults, their parent/carers and those who support them about their current experiences. Then they will use the responses to create a draft strategy.

Once they have written a draft, they will share it with you to ask whether your views have been properly understood, and if the strategy will support autistic people and their families in the best possible way. Your comments and feedback will help shape the final strategy.

The survey closes on 21st September 2020. To find out more or to take part in the survey, please visit: