Engaging people about nursing and midwifery – University of Surrey

22nd September 2023

As part of the Nursing and Midwifery Councils (NMC) programme validation, the University of Surrey would like to engage service users in the development of a new curriculum that is being designed to meet the NMC (2022) post registration programme standards in relation to Specialist Practice Community Nursing Programmes (District Nursing and Community Children’s Nursing) and Specialist Community Public Health Nursing programmes (Health Visiting and School Nursing).


The commitment for people would be initially 2 meetings:

Late September/Early October – 90 minutes meeting on Teams

Mid to late November – 90 minutes meeting on Teams


Additionally, they would then need some representation of service users at our NMC validation event in late January/early February 24. This would be about 1 hour.


They are looking for people who have used the following services:

District Nursing – People who have had contact with district nursing teams – either as a patient or a carer

Community Children’s Nursing – People who have had a child who has received care from a community children’s nursing team or have been a patient themself (in the last 5 years).

School Nursing – People who have children at school, or young people who have recently left school.

Health Visiting – People who have children under 7 years.


If you are interested, please email Felicity Jones, Director of Studies for Specialist Practice, at felicity.jones@surrey.ac.uk, including which of the 4 nursing areas you have had experience with.