Do you live in Surrey? Do you need to find out about care, community and health information and support available in your area? Look on Surrey Information Point for information on services, activities and organisations to support you, tips on benefit entitlement, help at home, health conditions, leisure information and much more.

Supporting residents to live independently

Have you noticed that a family member, or someone you care for is starting to struggle with their day to day life?  Perhaps they are becoming more forgetful and you are concerned for their wellbeing, or maybe they are finding it harder to move around or cope at home? Naturally this can be a very worrying time, so knowing what local support there is and how to find it is really important.

Visit Surrey Information Point website and you’ll find a wide range of local support, from staying active and preventing falls, through to help with meals and jobs around the home like cleaning or gardening. There are also organisations that specialise in helping people who are beginning to have problems with their memory. All of these services can make a really big difference and allow your loved one to continue to live well and independently in their own home for longer.