Your views taken to the National Data Guardian

19th January 2016

Since the publication of our report, ‘If I’ve told you once’ which documents the attitudes of the people of Surrey to the sharing of health and care records between health and care professionals, we have sought to share these findings.

Locally, the findings have been shared with the Health and Wellbeing Board and presented within a number of other key fora with a particular interest in data sharing, including: the Surrey Information Governance Group and Surrey Transformation Board.  We continue to be involved with Surrey CC in how we might develop these issues in their work around integration.

The report has also been shared with Healthwatch England, the Department of Health: National Information Board and the Local Government Association.

As a result, our research formed part of Healthwatch England’s submission of evidence to the National Data Guardian’s review of ‘consent to share’ policies. We were also invited to meet with the National Data Guardian Review Team which has ensured that the consumer voice in our county has been heard as part of a key national decision on this issue.