Survey finds support for the sharing of health and care records as long as concerns are addressed

24th November 2015
  • 91% of respondents would share all or part of their health and care records
  • Patients want to be involved in the decision about how and with whom their records are shared
  • Less willingness to share records with social care professionals than with health professionals
  • Patients want to be assured concerns about security and third-party access are addressed.

Most people would support the sharing of health and care records between health and care professionals involved in their care, according to a report released today by Surrey’s independent patient watchdog.

The findings come soon after a new legal duty came into effect requiring health and care bodies to share information that will facilitate care for an individual. (1)

The Healthwatch Surrey report details findings of a survey of more than 577 people, and also includes views collected during 4 focus groups with over 65s across the county.

Surrey County Council commissioned the project from Healthwatch as part of their Better Care Fund (2) work on integrated care. Kathryn Pyper, Senior Programme Manager said:

“The Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Surrey County Council are about to start working with partners across the Surrey health and social care system to enable data sharing vital to the successful delivery of new models of care and this Healthwatch report will help inform and shape this work.”

Kate Scribbins, Chief Executive of Healthwatch Surrey added:

“Whilst the majority of respondents were positive about the idea of their records being shared (and indeed many thought this was already happening), the survey reveals genuine concerns over how to ensure their records are accurate, and confidentiality is maintained.  People also want a say in how their records are shared.  Potential access to records by third parties was a key concern so there is a need for clarity about the limitations of sharing.

We will be seeking active involvement in the development of the governance framework by Surrey County Council and CCGs to ensure patients’ concerns are centre stage”.

Both a summary and a copy of the full report is available to download via the Healthwatch Surrey website at

People can also contact Healthwatch Surrey if they have any other health or social care issues, concerns or compliments they would like to share.


  1. (1) Health and Social Care (Safety and Quality) Act 2015. Chapter 28   [Online] October 1, 2015. [Cited: October 9, 2015.
  2. (2) The £3.8bn Better Care Fund (BCF) was announced by the Government in the June 2013 spending round, to ensure a transformation in integrated health and social care. The BCF is a single pooled budget to support health and social care services to work more closely together in local areas