“Should my GP, Hospital and Social worker share my health and care record?” – Surrey residents to have their say

2nd June 2015

The people of Surrey are being encouraged to give their views on health and care record sharing to Healthwatch Surrey, their local consumer champion for health and social care, as part of a project to support integrated care in the county.

Integrated care means moving towards a more holistic approach to health and care which puts the needs and experience of people at the centre of how services are organised and delivered.

The project will involve a 10-minute survey for people to complete, and both the public and professionals are urged to participate.

Richard Davy, Healthwatch Surrey Board Director, explained why the project is being done: “We want to ensure that the public voice is involved in conversations about integrated care from the start”

“Many people might not realise that different health and social care professionals keep their own record of our treatment, medication and care, and they do not readily share these. This is why when we see a new professional or service, we sometimes have to repeat our story again, undertake the same tests or answer the same questions, which people often find frustrating.”

“We want to find out whether or not the people of Surrey would be happy for their records to be shared between professionals involved in their care and to decide who those professionals might be.”

The results will be available in the summer.

The survey can be completed online at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/38G3ST2  or through Healthwatch Surrey’s website: https://www.healthwatchsurrey.co.uk/integrated-care-medical-record-sharing-surrey Copies of the survey can be picked up from all the Citizens Advice Bureaux and Hubs in Surrey. People can also request a copy by contacting Healthwatch Surrey: tel: 0303 303 0023, email: enquiries@healthwatchsurrey.co.uk

The survey asks people:

  • If they are aware that health and care records could not be readily shared between health and social care professionals
  • If they have experienced delays or problems as a result of lack of information sharing between professionals
  • Which professionals should be able to access their health and care records
  • What concerns they have about the sharing of health and care records.

All responses are completely anonymous. The survey closes on 30th June.

People can also contact Healthwatch if they have any other health or social care issues, concerns or compliments they would like to share.