Local NHS seeks views on emerging options from community hospital services review

21st August 2015

NHS Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has published a report summarising the outcome of a comprehensive clinically led review into services provided at the community hospitals in the local area.

The review, which launched back in March 2015, considered both inpatient (bedded care) and outpatient services across Cobham, Dorking, Molesey, Leatherhead and the New Epsom and Ewell Community Hospitals.

To gain a full insight, the comprehensive review process considered a wide range of areas including patient and activity data, the health needs of the local population and projected changes that will affect demand for healthcare in future, quality of care, national best practice and the condition of the current buildings. As part of the process, the CCG also heard the views of staff and local people through a series of workshops and staff drop-in sessions, which provided valuable feedback that has informed both the review process and the possible options that have emerged.

The report summarises the review process and includes detailed data analysis, as well as a summary of findings for each of the areas above. It also includes a number of recommendations and some emerging options for further consideration (see “notes” below).

Dr Jill Evans, Governing Body member and clinical lead for the review explains: “The review process has been clinically led. We wanted to fully understand how services are delivered now, whether they will meet the needs of our changing population and whether there are opportunities to further improve, the already high, standards of care patients receive, both in the wards and through outpatient services.

“Over the last four months we have looked at the data, analysed local health needs and the changing needs of our ageing population, considered best practice and talked to patients and staff. We have also looked at the current buildings, both in terms of their condition and any un-used capacity that could enable services to be delivered in a different way.

“This has led to a series of recommendations that we believe will improve care, mainly by making the delivery of care even more efficient and streamlined for patients. For example, if we make some practical changes, we believe we can help patients who are staying in a community hospital return home more quickly, with the right support. There is evidence to show this is better for patients and it can also help their long-term recovery.

“The report also identifies a number of possible options on how services could be configured in future. I understand that local people may be concerned about some of the options that are included, particularly if they relate to their local hospital, and I would like to reassure people that we have carefully considered every option in getting to this stage. We do believe that changes to how some services are currently delivered will improve care.”

James Blythe, Director of Commissioning and Strategy at Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group added: “We have published this draft report because we are committed to being open and transparent — and because we genuinely want to know what local people, local patients and our stakeholders think about the possible options that have emerged.

“We will use the next month to seek the views from as many people as possible. We will listen and we will take this feedback into account in any final options we put forward to our Governing Body.” James added.

If major changes are proposed, the Clinical Commissioning Group would seek the views of local people through a public consultation.

Mole Valley District Council’s Executive Member for Well-being, Councillor Lucy Botting, added: “Mole Valley District Council has been involved throughout this very open and transparent process and our residents are being provided with every opportunity for their views to be duly considered. It is very important that our local communities continue to engage with and contribute to the next step of this process, which is likely to be full consultation. This will help inform and shape future health care provision in Mole Valley.”

Local people and stakeholders can share their comments by emailing contactus.surreydownsccg@nhs.net or writing to Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group, Cedar Court, Guildford Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 9AE. People can also attend a series of public workshops to find out more and have their say:

Upcoming public workshops are as follows:

Each event will give attendees a chance to provide any feedback to the draft paper, including how the process was undertaken, how options have been considered, and any final comments they would like the CCG to take forward. Workshops spaces are limited due to venue capacity and therefore individuals wishing to attend must book a space by emailing contactus@surreydownsccg.nhs.net or telephoning us on 01372 201500.

The full report and a summary presentation is available on the CCG website at www.surreydownsccg.nhs.uk/chsr (under “Related documents”)