Improving local gynaecology services – we need your help

6th February 2017

Do you use community gynaecology services?

By this we mean long-standing non-urgent gynaecological problems, such as heavy and/or painful periods and pelvic pain; ovarian cysts; uterine fibroids and polyps.

If yes, and you use services in the Elmbridge (West), Runnymede, Spelthorne and Woking area, we need your help.

What are we looking to do?

As commissioners, we are always looking to improve and expand services for our local residents, and we are looking to do just that with local gynaecology services.

Since 2006 we’re been fortunate to already have a successful and popular community gynaecological service.  This service has reduced waiting times and unnecessary referrals to local hospitals.  Taking advantage of the opportunities that new techniques and technology have to offer, our plan is to expand access to this service and update how the service is delivered.

Why is your view important?

We want to make sure that the services we provide is tailored to the local population’s needs.  The only way to really understand whether the services are good, or what we can do to improve it, is through the valuable feedback from people like you.

What you can do: 

1. Fill out our short survey, please visit:

2. Come and meet with us:

Alternatively, you can attend our patient engagement meeting:

Date:               22 February 2017

Time:              12:30pm-2:30pm

Where:            Hythe Centre, Thorpe Road, Staines TW18 3HD

Refreshments will be provided

RSVP: or call 01372 232 463

Details: The aim of this event is to listen to your views on the current gynaecology services. We will also ask a few questions relating to your personal experiences around the service (including convenience of appointment times, how easy it is for you to get to and how we can better share information with you).