Healthwatch respond to the publication of the Surrey Heartlands STP

18th November 2016

As the first of Surrey’s three Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP) is published, local health and social care champion, Healthwatch Surrey, is urging Surrey Heartlands to involve them and the public more as they develop their plans; to ensure there is quality engagement with the public.

The warning was given after Surrey Heartlands STP opted to run small, in-depth deliberative events but have yet to test or consult on the plans with the wider public.

Kate Scribbins, Chief Executive of Healthwatch Surrey said: “We have heard about many cases nationally, where public engagement has been severely lacking in the STP process so it is important that the STPs in Surrey do not make the same mistake.

“We acknowledge that Surrey Heartlands has taken steps to engage with the public in an innovative way, and are calling today for as much ongoing and meaningful involvement as possible with the people of Surrey as their more detailed plans are developed.”

The issues and challenges facing health and care are so complex and interrelated that the development of the STP involves all parts of the system working together to shape the future.

Healthwatch Surrey is pushing to ensure the wider public is involved in a meaningful way. Ms Scribbins said: “Too often the public is only involved when plans are formed which makes consultation feel tokenistic. We want to make sure they are informed and knowledgeable, understand the issues and options and given the chance to share in the debate.”

Healthwatch Surrey encourage anyone concerned about this or any other health local health and social care issue to contact them in confidence on 0303 303 0023 or via our website,




For more information, email  or call 07545 433465.

  1. 1.    Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) are five year plans for the future of health and care services in local areas. NHS organisations have come together with local authorities and other partners to develop the plans in 44 areas of the country. STPs represent a very significant change to the planning of health and care services in England. (The Kings’ Fund,
  2. The Surrey Heartlands Sustainability and Transformation Plan has been published today (18/11/16) at