Get 2017 off to the healthiest start possible with One You

4th January 2017

Did you know that many of the illnesses, aches and pains that people experience as they get older can be prevented? 70% of what most people put down to ageing is actually linked to their lifestyle.

Falling into bad habits such as eating too much bad food, drinking more alcohol than is recommended or not getting enough exercise can make it harder to keep up with the kids in the park or it could mean that your favourite jeans are a little tighter. More seriously, they increase the risk of illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease. That’s why One You is here to remind you that your health matters and it should be high on your list of priorities.

Luckily it’s never too late to make some simple changes that will have a positive impact on your health as you get older. Whether you need to drink a little less alcohol, quit smoking, get a bit more exercise, eat well, stress less or sleep better the best place to start is with the quick How Are You quiz.

It’s an easy way to check how your lifestyle could be having an impact on your health, and to get some simple suggestions for how you can start your journey to being healthier. You’ll get personalised recommendations based on your results as well as ideas and tools to help you take action where it’s most needed – like apps that can help you track your alcohol intake or start running.

To find out more about how you can make yourself as healthy as possible and to take the quiz, visit the Healthy Surrey website.