Change4Life: Team up to shake up this Summer!

23rd July 2015

Change4Life and Disney are back with the 10 Minute Shake Up to help kids get active this summer.

It is a great way for parents to help keep their kids healthy, as well as brilliant at keeping them entertained throughout the summer holidays. Children need 60 minutes of activity each day which isn’t always easy to fit into one long session.

That’s why it’s best to break it down into a handful of easy 10 minutes bursts of fun. Children can join one of four Disney teams and enjoy loads of games and activities over the school holidays. From Woody and the rest of the Toy Story gang to Elsa and Anna from Frozen, there are plenty of the very best Disney characters for them to choose from.

To get started all you need to do is sign up to receive a free 10 Minute Shake Up Pack containing:

  • A Disney team poster and stickers
  • 10 Minute Shake Up activity cards
  • Wild cards and a special team move to practise.
  • A 10 Minute Shake Up team wristband with a timer. Sign up quickly as these are only available while stocks last.

Visit to sign up and find out more.


 Change4Life Summer 2015 poster