Adult Inpatient Survey 2018

24th December 2018

CQC are currently surveying patients aged 16 and above who had at least one overnight stay in
hospital during July 2018.

Since the end of August all 145 acute trusts have sent approx. 180,000 questionnaires to a sample of
eligible patients. The survey asks a range of questions about their experience to see if the care was
safe, caring, effective and responsive to their needs. Trusts have been provided with a guidance
manual which includes example text that can be used in a press release to promote the survey to
trust staff and the wider public. Trusts have also been given a poster to display. The poster was
translated into the most common languages used in England to reach broader – and make sure non-
English speaking patient population could be included.

This survey is part of a national survey programme run by CQC to collect feedback on the
experiences of people using a range of NHS healthcare services across the country. The results
contribute to CQC’s assessment of NHS performance as well as ongoing monitoring and inspections.
The programme also provides valuable feedback for NHS trusts, which they can then use to improve
patient experience. The data also contributes to the Outcomes Patient Experience Systems of the

Obtaining feedback from patients is vital for bringing about improvements in the quality of care and
this is an excellent way for people to directly influence services locally.

We would like to encourage people and their carers to look out for the survey, complete and return it. For more information, please visit the CQC website.