Volunteering opportunities

Whether you can spare a little bit of time or a lot, we’d love to welcome you into our team.

Our volunteers undertake a range of activities to help us ensure that local people are listened to when it comes to health and social care and the services we all use. From talking to people about their experiences of local health and social care services, to sitting on our board of directors. Whatever your background, your time and your talent could make a real difference in your local community.

Listed below are the different volunteering opportunities we offer; you can choose to do a little bit of all of them, or choose one role that interests you the most.

You could work in a team and talk to local people in your local community at engagement events, gathering experiences about local health and care services, and reporting back these opinions and experiences to commissioners via Clinical Commissioning Group meetings you could attend on behalf of Healthwatch Surrey. Or act as a representative for us at local events and meetings and make sure our views and the views of local people are heard and taken seriously.

Our Project Volunteers help us to achieve our priorities through helping us deliver important health and social care projects. As a Project Volunteer you can help us design and implement projects which will benefit people in Surrey. This could involve collecting feedback, opinions and experiences from members of the public or organising health and social care events and consultations; for example volunteers have played a vital part in ‘Amplifying the voice of care home residents‘ project by helping to carry our 25 enter and view visits in care homes across Surrey.


Enter and View is one way Healthwatch Surrey can gather information needed about services and collect views of service users, their carers and relatives, as well as staff. Healthwatch Surrey has a statutory power that allows us to Enter and View publicly funded health and social care premises to speak to people about their experiences. You can help us conduct these visits and spend time talking to patients, carers and relatives as well as helping us report back on our findings.

Do you enjoy talking to people in community environments such as support groups, coffee mornings, shelters, religious functions etc.? This role offers you the chance to unpick the unmet needs of people in the community who are typically harder to reach. You will receive training as well as support to attend these events in areas you are happy to travel to and you will have the opportunity to choose the groups you visit. This incredibly rewarding work can be done alongside other volunteering roles so that you can balance the type of work you do.